Move-in Checklist

At Metroplex Management, we work diligently to prepare every home for new tenants. As part of this process, we complete a full walk-through of the property, during which we look for damage, identify necessary repairs, and address any ongoing issues within the home. We will take note of any existing problems before your tenancy begins, but should any new damage be discovered down the road, you will be liable for the associated costs.

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses by carefully checking the following items on this checklist as soon as you take possession of your keys. Should you notice any problems, please contact our offices to notify our staff immediately: (817)-581-7368.


Property Exterior

  • Check outdoor lights
  • Damage to porch, siding, or roof
  • Functioning garbage cans
  • Lock in working order

Doors and Windows

  • Check door hinges and locks
  • Ensure no water seeps inside
  • Check for broken glass
  • Check window screens
  • Ensure windows open properly

Bathroom & Kitchen

  • Make certain drains work properly
  • Check shelves and cabinets for damage
  • Look for cracks in flooring
  • Check appliances for damage
  • Test fan functions

General Tasks

  • Verify no walls have holes or paint damage
  • Check HVAC system and vents
  • Look for signs of rodents or insects
  • Ensure no water damage exists
  • Test water heater
  • Look for leaking pipes
  • Test all outlets to identify electrical problems

Please note: This list is by no means comprehensive. Should you notice a problem, please contact us as soon as possible and document the issue with photos or videos.