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Tenant Screening Within The Metroplex

Finding the right tenant for your rental property is an important process that shouldn't be overlooked. At Metroplex Management, our team thoroughly screens every application we receive to ensure we find the best occupants for your property. This process has been specifically designed to identify potential red flags before they have the chance to become a problem in your property.

Our commitment to placing great tenants is merely one of the reasons our customers love the property management services we provide. By choosing the best tenants for our clients, we encourage long tenancies with tenants who pay their rent in a timely fashion and respect the integrity of the rental home. Not only does this scenario eliminate conflicts, but it also protects your financial investment.

Learn About Our Screening Process

We Examine Financial History

A would-be tenant's financial health plays a large role in determining whether or not the applicant is the right fit for your rental. We perform a complete financial history check, by obtaining credit scores from the three major credit bureaus, in addition to the FICO score. This information allows us to ascertain a potential tenant's ability to pay the monthly rent. 

We Perform a Criminal Background Check

We always ask applicants to provide upfront information regarding past arrests or criminal records, but we also conduct a full criminal background check. This background check reveals any legal issues the applicant has experienced in the past. Using this information, we can get a better idea of the individual's character and integrity, which we use to make our decision.

We Verify Employment & Rental History

In addition to credit scores and criminal record checks, we also take the time to verify the employment of applicants. Checking to ensure a potential tenant is employed helps us to avoid obstacles with tenants who find themselves unable to pay their monthly rent. Additionally, we check the applicant's rental history, in order to determine whether the individual has ever defaulted on rent payments or been evicted.

We Give You the Final Say

Using the information we glean from our verification efforts and background checks, we work to weed out applicants who don't offer the right fit for the properties we represent. Before we make any decision, however, we give you the final say. If you have any qualms or are uncomfortable with a certain situation, you retain the right to veto would-be tenancies.

What Makes Us Different?

We Only Focus on Rentals

Unlike some of the big chains, we're not a "side" business. We exclusively focus on rental properties, which allows us to devote our full attention to keeping your property in great shape.

Experience that Counts

For more than 28 years, we've been professionally managing properties for both Investors and Homeowners. Since 1987, we've truly seen and handled it all, and we easily resolve issues big and small.

Full-Service Management

Metroplex Management offers you the level of experience and expertise you should seek from any property management company you hire. We handle every aspect of property management for you.

We're Local Experts

Not only do we work for clients in Tarrant County, but we're happy to call this area home. We possess a keen understanding of the local market and work to maximize your cashflow. We work hard to protect your investment.

We Find Great Tenants

Choosing the right tenant for your home is no small matter. Our team uses a tried and true screening process to weed out bad apples and find the best residents for your property. 

Family-Oriented Approach

Our property management clients appreciate the small office atmosphere and personal service we deliver to them. We do not have any of the employee and personnel hassles that can plague larger property management companies. At Metroplex Management your property manager is always available to assist you.

Our Clients Love Us

Stephen S

I leased two homes with Metroplex over the course of five years and it was a good experience. I've worked with crooked and dishonest landlords—you won't experience this with Metroplex and their staff.

- Stephen S.


If you're looking for a good property management company, here it is. They have been in business for a long time and have helped me with both properties and rentals. These are very nice people who know their stuff. I would recommend them to anybody.

- Michelle Prochaska


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    I have had the pleasure to do business with Steve Schuster and Metroplex Management for the past 12 years. When maximizing your real estate investment is at the forefront of your investment goal, I would recommend them every time.

    - Jeremy Steffens


    Metroplex is easy to work with and pleasant. You can tell they have been in business for a while and have their systems in place. Very nice and sharp guys. 

    - Tony C. 

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