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Effective Eviction Services in Fort Worth

In an ideal world, tenants would always pay rent on time, never cause any disturbances in their neighborhoods, and keep your property in perfect condition. Of course, problems do occur from time to time, and when such situations escalate, our team steps in to handle the problem. We always try to work with our tenants to find a mutually beneficial outcome, but in some cases eviction becomes necessary. If this occurs in your rental property, we'll work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

At Metroplex Management, we possess the expertise and experience necessary to conduct an eviction according to Texas law. The entire process generally takes two to three weeks from the initial notice to vacate the premises. In the event an eviction becomes necessary, we'll keep you in the loop and work to protect your investment throughout the process.

Understand the Eviction Process

We Notify Tenants

Before an eviction can proceed, we're legally required to serve tenants with notice to vacate. An eviction notice doesn't fulfill all legal requirements to remove a tenant from a rental property, but it serves as the first step in the process. This eviction notice outlines the reason(s) the tenancy has been terminated and occurs before a court date where a judge makes a legal decision regarding whether or not the eviction can occur.

We Handle Legal Proceedings

Let us handle your legal proceedings for you, filing the appropriate paperwork with authorities and representing your interests in court. We'll file for a court date the day after we post the eviction notice. It generally takes six to eleven days to schedule the appearance. Assuming the court rules in the property owner's favor, the tenant receives notice to evict within five days.

We Clear the Home of Occupants

Tenants who have received notification of a legal judgement against them must vacate within the time frame outlined by the court. In most cases, tenants respect this judgement and vacate the premises without issue. If necessary, our team will visit the property with constables present after the deadline passes to provide the tenant with a final eviction notice. If the tenant fails to leave within 24 hours, we will physically remove all possessions from the property.

We Find Great New Tenants

Once an eviction finally takes place, our team gets to work finding a new tenant to take occupancy of the property. Our talented team uses an in-depth screening process to review each applicant's rental, credit, and criminal history. This process is designed to identify potential red flags that could cause issues down the road. Once the screening process has been completed, we'll bring the property back to "rent ready" condition and place the new tenant.

What Makes Us Different?

We Only Focus on Rentals

Unlike some of the big chains, we're not a "side" business. We exclusively focus on rental properties, which allows us to devote our full attention to keeping your property in great shape.

Experience that Counts

For more than 28 years, we've been professionally managing properties for both Investors and Homeowners. Since 1987, we've truly seen and handled it all, and we easily resolve issues big and small.

Full-Service Management

Metroplex Management offers you the level of experience and expertise you should seek from any property management company you hire. We handle every aspect of property management for you.

We're Local Experts

Not only do we work for clients in Tarrant County, but we're happy to call this area home. We possess a keen understanding of the local market and work to maximize your cashflow. We work hard to protect your investment.

We Find Great Tenants

Choosing the right tenant for your home is no small matter. Our team uses a tried and true screening process to weed out bad apples and find the best residents for your property. 

Family-Oriented Approach

Our property management clients appreciate the small office atmosphere and personal service we deliver to them. We do not have any of the employee and personnel hassles that can plague larger property management companies. At Metroplex Management your property manager is always available to assist you.

Our Clients Love Us

Stephen S

I leased two homes with Metroplex over the course of five years and it was a good experience. I've worked with crooked and dishonest landlords—you won't experience this with Metroplex and their staff.

- Stephen S.


If you're looking for a good property management company, here it is. They have been in business for a long time and have helped me with both properties and rentals. These are very nice people who know their stuff. I would recommend them to anybody.

- Michelle Prochaska


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    - Tony C. 

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